I’m not sure why it occurred to me to think of this, but January is the only month always preceded by the old year.  February, March, April, May, they’re all flanked by the current year.  Not that there’s much significance to it, I guess, just a funny little observation on the whole human activity of keeping time.  The purpose, more than anything, is a need for simplicity.  People’s minds just don’t work well enough (or aren’t trained to work well enough) to keep time without some occasional demarcation.  For instance, we could continually come up with a new name for the next month, eliminating the whole concept of years, but it would be cumbersome and difficult then to keep accurate records.

But I digress, it’s a new year.  So far it hasn’t been exceptional one way or the other, but it really isn’t fair to judge at the moment.  I’ll give the year 2 more weeks and reach my decision then.