This is my personal website, which has existed now for a long time, mostly sitting and collecting the proverbial dust. I am giving it new life; a sense of purpose and structure in this post-meaning world. Navigation is pretty self-explanatory, but basically I’m using this for a place to put writing, art, and whatever other things people use the internet for anymore.

If they’re asking, that makes you the expert.

— a wise friend

Blog Updates

Today I signed up for a meal kit delivery service

I decided to pull the trigger on a thought I’ve had intermittently, to subscribe to a meal prep service that sends boxes of ingredients to my door a few times a week. Partly because I’d like to be more economical about my food spending, but mostly because I’m exhausted from never really cooking anything and…

2020, thanks for the hindsight

Well, if my goal had been to avoid documenting the past year in any way, shape, or form, I’d be getting at least one gold star. And I’ll go ahead and give myself another because why not? But if I am seriously thinking of what almost precisely a year of isolation has done to me,…

lately, in writing

I keep a few concurrent writing repository what-have-yous that skew to slightly different purposes—dream journal (recently restarted), daily journal, poetry and prose (handwritten and on the laptop)—and every few months I’m suddenly overcome with the urge to pare things down. Because, really, who needs to keep five journals, two of which are private for their…