2018: let’s have a retrospective

I think I should have learned by now that I’m just not the consistent type when it comes to blogging. Anyway, I’m older and pretending to be more responsible so I thought I’d play catchup and scratch down whatever vague recollections I have from the past few years.

2015 was the year of spotify, and thanks to its algorithms I’d say I’ve thoroughly expanded, if not exactly diversified, my music library. But listening to music 24/7 starts to do things to your brain that I can’t quite explain. Maybe my ears were just tired from wearing earbuds constantly, but I started to feel my powers of cognition affected. Consequently, I started listening to podcasts, which turned out to be a-okay.

Early 2016 I continued to commit myself wholeheartedly to the podcast listening camp and heard a lot of interesting things. In fact, I might venture to say at the time it was a turning point, a departure from a life that was for one that is, a life more fulfilling, rich. Then I kinda got distracted by the garbage fire that was the latter half of 2016 in America. Oh, and Stranger Things.

If I want to be charitable in my take of 2017, it turned out to be a meditation on human behavior. More truthfully, it was spent in a state of near-constant rage at the status quo exacerbated by all the stupid things I encountered online. I also learned many a valuable lesson in confirmation bias.

And that brings us to 2018! I don’t want to jinx anything, but I did get a pretty solid fortune on New Year’s Day, and the Astro Poets predicted some heady stuff, so for the moment I’ve got my wits about me. Guess I’m gonna see how long I can ride this wave.



Wiseteeth and summertime November

I had four teeth extracted recently. My head feels lighter, though that may just be my imagination. Making up for the physical extraction with mental insertion.


Still telling myself to write more, still not listening. How does one self-motivate? On the surface something appeals to the senses but peek just below and how repugnant it suddenly is, like an underground phosphorus pool. All glittering and twinkling to the eye but the other senses cringe and twist and reject utterly the experience on account of the smell. That’s it: I’ve got to acclimate myself to the smell of writing.


The obligatory “I am still here” post.

Goals for 2016:

  1. write
  2. write more
  3. keep writing
  4. don’t stop writing, even if it’s bad
  5. learn some more words
  6. think more deeply
  7. be okay with the occasional decaffeinated coffee

Foom foom foom

Last month of the year. Always sneaks up on me, even when I remember to mark the days off the calendar. Guess it’s time to get all my ducks in a row, tie up loose ends. Heck, maybe I’ll even put up some festive decorations.

I bought a new laptop

And it has been wonderful. Truth be told, I felt a little foolish immediately after the purchase, since I have a completely serviceable laptop. It was just one of those moments where I thought to myself: “I want to buy something rather extravagant as a way of asserting my existence in this consumer-driven society.”

So, like what happened when I bought my ipad mini, after I unboxed it I sat and stared and basked in the strange non-warmth of Apple product glow. I think most people know what I’m talking about. It has a very particular smell. I imagine Apple spent no insignificant amount of time or money developing whatever that just-opened box aroma is.

After a half day of transferring files, I booted this new guy up and it’s been a rare moment when I’m not using it. It’s probably my brain tricking me, but I always feel a spike in my creative output immediately after purchasing a new piece of technology. Well, the potential increases. But here I am! updating my blog and thinking all sorts of thoughts!

Get ready, Internet, for the creative onslaught.