Today I signed up for a meal kit delivery service

I decided to pull the trigger on a thought I’ve had intermittently, to subscribe to a meal prep service that sends boxes of ingredients to my door a few times a week. Partly because I’d like to be more economical about my food spending, but mostly because I’m exhausted from never really cooking anything and struggling to figure out what to eat at 9 o’clock on a weeknight. So, we’ll give this a go and perhaps I’ll finally feel like I can take care of myself, that I’m not just groping through some dark space of “adulthood” even if the concept is completely made up to further the evil machinations of capitalism or whatever—it’s just nice imagining I can make myself some soup without having to think very hard about it.

Who knows, maybe this will lead to even more domestic innovations, like learning how to not kill my houseplants!