Seriously, this business of changing the time a month early is ridiculous.  I’m not a big fan of losing an hour to my day anyway, but having it happen in what I still consider late Winter is even more absurd.  Sunlight’s great and all with its life-enabling properties to most biological creatures and I personally enjoy going out when the weather permits.  I guess what bothers me most about all this is the reasoning that somehow more energy will be conserved as a result.  Maybe in a country where excess isn’t the fashion DST beginning a month early makes perfect sense, but that place en’t here.  Having lights on in the middle of the day is pretty typical for my parents; couple that with constant TV and computer use and I’d say that pretty well obliterates any thought of expending less energy on a day-to-day basis.  And driving around in the car isn’t made any less popular by extended hours of daylight.  But whatever, I’ve used up my extra hour of sun and now it’s time to turn on all the lights in the house.