undergoing minor modifications

So, not really out of any specific purpose or desire, I’ve made several slight changes to the appearance of this here blog. To keep things interesting, I suppose.

I say this often (or think it a lot) that I should keep better record of my day-to-day goings-on. Yesterday, for instance, I jumped into a frigid pool of water, the frigidity compounded by the fact that out of water the temperature was somewhere in the neighborhood of 25-30° F. It was pretty refreshing, only I think I’m paying for it now with some crappy, piddly cold. I really dislike the feeling of being sick. You can’t enjoy anything when a strange haze is hovering over you, distorting your senses in the worst possible way. For me I always lose my sense of smell and taste while my eyes and ears become hyper-sensitive. Truly a dumb combination.

Well, as I’ve been composing this I’ve gotten progressively achy and tired, so I’ll probably go and take a nap. Sounds good.