making mountains into mole hills

Today, rather, yesterday I hiked a lovely little offshoot of the Appalachian Trail.  What makes this one especially nice is the waterfall at the trail end which flows majestically off a large rock face into a crisp, refreshing pool.  I’ve thought occasionally that it’d be a nice routine to start every day with a little jaunt up to the falls followed with some morning stretches in the water’s mist, but only occasionally.  I guess my desire to spend mornings in bed trumps my ambition.  But honestly, I do love a good hike, so maybe I’ll at least try to make it a weekly to biweekly event.

Speaking of things I love, The Little Mermaid is an awesome movie.  Even 20 years later the animation still holds up while the characters have actual personality.  It’s nice to see after being plagued by less than subpar animated films from more recent years.  Really, what happened to quality?  But I am looking forward to The Princess and the Frog, especially because it marks a return to 2D animation.  It looks like it just might be a revival of the entertaining, clever, good Disney movie.  Here’s to hoping.