The newest year

Greetings to all in this new year! 2011 seemed to slip by, as the years always do, before I feel I’ve gotten a chance to really do anything worthwhile and productive.  I guess I was in Japan half the year, and the other half I managed to complete my second to last semester as an undergraduate.  So, it’s not as if I’ve totally squandered a 12 month cycle.  That being said, I’d like to make the most of this year, seeing as how 1) I am graduating from college, becoming a real person, yadayada, and 2) this could potentially be the last year of human civilization as we currently know it.

Of course, saying I want to make the most of the year could be interpreted in a variety of ways.  For instance, in regards to the second point, I could take my reservations to discount completely these apocalyptic predictions of the future and put them to use as motivators for otherwise reckless behavior.  If I perish in the midst of some ridiculous stunt as a result, well, the world might end anyway, so what’s the harm? Would I rather regret in some purgatory all the stuff I’d hoped to do if only I’d shown some more gumption, or live out what I partly assume to be my remaining days in an extraordinary manner? (As one might have guessed, this is a rhetorical question.)

However, in the event human civilization continues as it has, I’d like to maneuver myself through multiple environments, perhaps settling in a place for a bit to enjoy thoroughly the sites.  Particularly, I’d like to learn more languages of a wide variety: Polish, Russian, Korean, French, maybe even some Danish.  I guess now I’m speaking more about what I’ll do with myself in the next few years, as it might be a tad ambitious to study 5 languages simultaneously.  Though, there could be an argument for keeping the brain agile, the more things it attempts to take in at once.  I suppose I’ll just have to give it the ol’ trial and error treatment.