Someone I know makes delicious sriracha

I’ve been working a parttime job since July, and it’s been an interesting learning experience into the world of food production. The simplest description of my position is researcher; I spend my time looking up food products and assigning ratings based on a carefully devised “great product” matrix. Some companies and their products are better than others, and there are some that are so dreadfully awful you’d be better off chewing on styrofoam for a while. (Though part of me is loathe to say, PopTarts™ are hovering around this standard of food goodness; but don’t worry, Snickers™ are way way better.)

Anyhow, the point this job has really driven home for me is that ultimately making things yourself is the ideal. Of course we don’t always have access to the ideal, so we can make do with great stuff from the grocery store, but I’ll go ahead and say you won’t find sriracha this fresh and delicious off the shelf.

So go find yourself a sriracha-making friend, or dig up a recipe and whip some up yourself. Plus the way my friend makes it, you cook exactly zero things–just throw ingredients in a jar and let the magic happen. Then all you have to do is eat it and let the euphoric tears flow.