Day 2 of writing experiment (already not consecutive)

We’ve made it to the second day!

I am exhausted. Not because of this project, but because I did not sleep until the birds of the dawn (larks?) were singing their morning-song. Oh happy little birds, nothing gives me a sinking feeling more than when I realize I have squandered nighttime in a waking state. Though many fun and interesting conversations often occur in the darkness. I once read something, an article or in a book, how the intimacy of a shared nightspace makes people more prone to telling secrets.

And I had another nice little paragraph about my own personal experience to illustrate this tendency to share under cover of darkness, but it was lost due to negligence and I faulty internet connection. Suffice it to say that I was recalling an era of my youth of which I have many fond remembrances. It was the summer before I entered into that most horrible prison of adolescence, junior high (technically I went to a middle school, but I prefer “junior high” because it sounds less sweaty and gross). I spent my time with my sister and her nearly-of-age cohort, the disparity in years making them infinitely more interesting than anyone within my underage demographic. They happened to enjoy my company, too, and I probably considered them my closest friends. We would stay awake until the dawn, playing, of all things, The Game of Life, baking Funfetti™ cakes, and talking about everything. It was all very silly and goofy and wonderfully personal, though it might’ve ruined me a little for the middle school social scene, which was terribly banal.

But that’s a topic for another day.