2020, thanks for the hindsight

Well, if my goal had been to avoid documenting the past year in any way, shape, or form, I’d be getting at least one gold star. And I’ll go ahead and give myself another because why not?

But if I am seriously thinking of what almost precisely a year of isolation has done to me, there are a few lessons I’ve gleaned: first, I am both more and less of a social creature than I’d always thought; second, cooking is a thing I like but am not disciplined when it comes to daily meal making; third, I am one-hundred-and-ten percent into the healing energy of crystals.

So, I guess, that feels like a year well spent. And I’ve continued on my journey of collaborative game-playing in the world of DnD, which has meant I needed to purchase many MANY more dice. Again, a year well spent. Now with this new year in full swing, who knows what wonderful self-discoveries are to be made? Not me, that’s for sure, but guess I’ll be the first to find out (that’s how the process works, if I’m to understand correctly).

All right, it’s never too late to make some resolutions, so for 2021, here we go:

  1. be more honest about how i’m feeling
  2. pick up some new skill
  3. try reading a book in japanese
  4. actually, get back into studying a little japanese every day
  5. find a new favorite dish

Don’t wanna overdo it, so I’ll cap it at five for now. Thing about resolutions is they can always be revisited later, with a more sober and realistic eye.


The world didn’t explode and it’s 2013

Happy New Year to all the internet.  I am thankful the world didn’t implode or explode or get swallowed up by the Leviathan, as it leaves me the ability to keep authoring this nonsense.  Perhaps I should map out a year-long plan of achievements, so if another apocalypse blips across the radar of the collective conscious then I’ll have some skills under the proverbial belt.  I wouldn’t want to be the fool who went into the end of the world without knowing how to tie my shoes doubly fast (something I learned how to do a few days ago — skills!), because if there’s anything I know about evading the mass extinction of everything it’s being able to get in some shoes and sprint until always.

Actually, this talk about escaping Earth brings up an interesting bit of news I heard from a Highly Credible Source (hereinafter referred to as HCS) who told me about a program that is taking applications for persons interested in pioneering the colonization of Mars.  So, Mars in 10 years seems feasible to me; plus I’ve watched Cowboy Bebop enough times to know that Mars is the happening place in the 21st century, and you’re a rube if you disagree.

And, not to make any sweeping, mildly offensive stereotypes, but this group has a Japanese component, which as everyone knows is vital to any and all successful space-like endeavors.  That’s just reality.

I guess now I just need to work on skills that would do me well for life on Mars.