Wherein I speak of the clipping rate at which the semester is passing

It’s Wednesday already.  And, even more strangely, it’s also February.  I feel as if I never quite got the reigns on January and it’s run off without me.  What really gets me is when I start thinking about it like, “January of 2010 is already over… We’re a twelfth of the way through the year.  Oh how time passes at such a clipping pace.”

Well, that’s the nature of time, I guess.  I’m also getting to the halfway point of my college career.  Four years isn’t such a long time, after all.  Elementary school definitely distinguishes itself in my memory as going on for ages and ages.  Our grading terms were broken down into 6-week stretches, with 6 of them in total.  For a kid that’s basically infinity.  Then I’m thinking about Russia, how I’ve probably been gone from there for nearly 6 weeks, and that’s already becoming a historical artifact in my mind.  It makes me sad to think of it, but what can I do?

Experience quite possibly is one of the weirdest aspects of this whole big whatever (we’ll call it existence for simplicity’s sake), and I don’t really know how to make sense of it.  But, here I am, listening to the cello over internet radio, thinking it’s quite a lovely thing to be able to do, and so I’ll just enjoy it.