Beware the ides have marched

Reading a bit of Shakespeare at the moment for a class of mine.  Despite the queasiness that sometimes accompanies thoughts of my reading Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, and Macbeth in high school English class, these days I’ve a renewed appreciation for these Elizabethan prose.  Word play is delightful, especially when thrown together with a rather strict adherence to rhyme and meter.  Gotta hand it to Billy, he didn’t mess around, not a bit.

I’m really tempted and would like to use more Shakespearean expressions in my everyday conversation, not only because I’m a huge dork, but because I’m perpetually fascinated with language and its evolution from one form to another.  That language isn’t a static thing, despite its necessity in, well, most everyday-commonplace interactions, is cool and kinda strange.

So, yeah, I would that my queries be answered.  Perchance I’ll consult a man of sagacious mien.  Yeah.