April showers while we’re gone

It’s that fourth month already, the one with all the rain and sun showers.  My mother’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks, but more immediately in le scroll de bon anniversaire is this big ol’ shindig happening this evening.  The coolest thing is that it’s not only a birthday party, it’s also a zombie party.  Nothing says “you’ve gotten old” like festering skin hanging off your cheek, or having a few nubs, stubs, or stumps.  I think I’m gonna go the whole ‘super-chic’ zombie look, like I was the homecoming queen in 1960.  That could be a lot of fun getting made up for, especially if I could pull off looking like one of my eyes had been eaten out by a crow at some point during my slow decomposition.

Oh, I’ve gotten even more excited just thinking up ideas!