May Day

Happy May Day to one and all! I realize it’s technically no longer the premiere of the month, but even a belated celebration is better than nothing at all. I usually say this in nearly all of my ruminations, but here I go again: time is a tricky little thing that always gets by me. Seriously, it’s already the fifth month of 2010. That’s nearly halfway, and in only a few months I’ll be packing up and shipping out to the other side of the world. It blows my mind. What am I doing in the interim? Well, that remains to be seen, but I hope it involves profitable employment mingled together with some good ol’ fashioned fun with friends. My unproductiveness becomes painfully more obvious with each passing day, and it’s getting to be an annoyance more than anything else. Not to be overly dramatic, but my experience has led me to the conclusion idleness equals insanity. Even for the week I was home recently I couldn’t handle being in my house for more than a few hours before cabin fever set in.  I need constant stimulation, or near constant.  Maybe it’s my generation?