Summer of my discontent, or so it has appeared thus far

I’ve been on summer vacation for over a full week, and I feel as if I’ve mostly exhausted what small entertainments my hometown has to offer. But in all honesty, I haven’t been trying very hard either. My laziness overcomes me so I end up dallying about the house all day. The weather recently has also been no help–absurdly hot and miserable and muggy, it’s just not the kind that makes me want to be outside. Then being confined to the indoors, that’s also about as horrible when I can’t seem to manage a single conversation with my parents without getting worked up over something.

Well, it’s been about a month now since I’ve been home, and I’ll say that conditions have improved.  The weather is still bordering on intolerable, but there was something of a good rainstorm day before yesterday.  As for being bored out of my mind, I’m still not doing much with my days, but I’ve at least cleaned a few closets out (read: made huge piles of things in the hallways) to pass away the time.  This has also been a summer for books.  Over the past month I read four books, which is certainly an accomplishment as I’m more of the type to only read comic books and magazines.

At any rate, I’m midway through my summer break and for the moment I am content; though thinking back an immediate cure for my back-to-home doldrums would’ve been a swimming pool in the backyard.