Progressed Summer Mind Dredging

The summer is reaching its climax, and with it the end of my living-at-home-with-parents time. Perhaps it’s a bit sad, but because I am a selfish youth I can only think of how great it will be living not only not with my parents but in a foreign country. I’m sure after several months, once I’m settled in I’ll think more about them. For the moment, however, the near future is endless possibility, a notion I find terrifically thrilling. All that remains is to actually prepare for traveling, something I never do more than 12 hours prior to departure; otherwise, the whole reality of what I’m doing hits me and I get all anxious and nervous and suchlike. Doing it all at once gets my momentum going for the long trip to my ultimate destination, while distracting me from thinking about a lot of unnecessary yet stressful details.

Anyhow, this’ll most likely be the last update on this page for a while, but mosey over to yet another of my blogs to continue hearing the absolutely enthralling tales of my adventures here, yonder, and elsewhere.