Why hey there, you

I don’t have much in particular to talk about today, but I figured I needed to work toward positive behaviors, writing a lot of nonsense blogs being a positive behavior in my view of things. That said, I did take a bit of a trip yesterday: I ventured outside city limits. Not only that, I crossed into another city’s limits. I know, it sounds like I’m living pretty dangerously, and while I assure you that there is some level of peril driving on roads around here it’s not really enough to constitute a dangerous lifestyle. Anyhow, on this excursion I made a point to stop at an Asian foods market and see what kind of things they were offering up for purchase. Turns out, it pretty much had all my favorite things I’d been missing from my recent travels to the East, so it ended up to be a very fruitful expedition. This morning I enjoyed some of my bounty in the form of キムチたくわん (kimchi takuan) and its delicious spiciness has left me feeling energized all day. Thanks pickled vegetables!!

Spicy Kimchi