a weekend excursion does wonders for the restless

This weekend I took myself away on a mini respite to visit with a friend. It’s amazing how even just getting a few miles afield of my everyday experience rejuvenates a wearied spirit. Not that I have recently (or ever, really) had a tremendously taxing set of responsibilities that weighs me down. At any rate, seeing those lovely Appalachians from a slightly different angle does remind me of what a really splendid part of the world I’ve found myself settled by the powers that be, and that just fills me up with a sense of ease.

So, on this little weekend tour, my dear friend and I went out to see the sites of her more metropolitan residence, which included to our greatest pleasure a cereal bar. It was a really cozy little spot, especially for the faintly inebriated folks such as my friend and myself who wandered in at a progressed hour to discover an unrivaled selection of all the best breakfast cereals (I say unrivaled because I’ve yet only heard of this single cereal bar, though that may be on account of my limited experience in such a field). I’d actually had Kellogg’s Corn Pops on my mind for a better part of the evening, then in a splendid twist of fate, on the shelf directly below the Pops was yet another of Kellogg’s steadfast: Honey Smacks. So, I married the two in a delightful sugar coated dream, barely able to contain my excitement as I prepared to take the bowl. As it was this bowl was near perfect, but the genius man behind the counter asked me, almost as an afterthought, “Would you like whipped cream on that?” and as a person with even half a brain knows, there is never any thoroughly good reason to forego a whipped cream flourish, so I watched as he skillfully garnished my Pops and Smacks with the stuff that to my half-dormant child’s memories was the signifier of a true dessert.

I can’t describe well the experience of eating such a thing, because I was really too caught up in the moment to worry over memorizing every single spoonful, but now as a general memory of the experience I would simply say it was delectable.