October comes around

The eighteenth day of the tenth month, a poetic sort of autumn Tuesday.  I haven’t been paying much attention, but the leaves are suddenly all ablaze, most likely in preparation for this here fall recess which could not be happening at a more convenient time.  As of now there are no spectacular plans for this vacation, just hanging about while avoiding any classwork-related responsibility.  Though I admit to actually having thought I would devote these few days to reading and such, partly as something to fill the hours, and partly because I do find myself genuinely interested in a lot of the things I’ve been learning this semester.  I guess it is something of a luxury being able to take classes about which I have more than a modicum of interest, even when they are simply part of the curriculum necessary to complete my undergraduate degree.

School aside, I’m listening to a lot of new music these days; good and bad alike, since I see no reason to give everything a listen at least once (whether this constitutes a complete and thorough listening is another story).  So far, I’ve come across several that I find quite charming, then a variety of other things I’m just ho-hum about.  It is amazing the sheer amount of music that exists and is being made/produced all the time.  And that’s just in the vague indie catch-all category.  I think I’m going to check out country/folk/bluegrass next, to get back to those Southern roots of mine.  Even country-pop is intriguing to a certain degree, mostly for the ridiculous lyrics and involved, soap-opera style dramatic narratives.

So to wrap things up, a photo taken in my apartment the other day:

my broken jade plant
Attempted plant suicide