Continuing adventures, new toilet included

As of this most current update, several new things have occurred. These include the addition of my flatmate to the apartment, the reconvening of class, and the very recent acquisition of one beta fish which we refer to as Rudy. Oh, plus getting a new toilet that is not made out of plastic. I would say we’re moving up in the world (though at the time of writing there seems to be a slight hiccup as the toilet won’t stop running).

So far classes have been on the whole interesting and enjoyable, but that of course is subject to change. It’s great to be back in a Japanese class, but it has involved some adjusting compared to my class while in Japan, namely we’re not divided by skill level. Of course I don’t mean to assume I’m some genius of the language, it was simply a different learning environment and my classmates were called upon more often to share their opinions.

The other noteworthy happening is that I also now have wireless internet, meaning I can effectively waste hours at a time doing things like looking up photos of cute animals and videos of babies falling. Honestly, I don’t know how I spent my time before having access to such luxury. I guess I played a lot of video games.

Anyway, it’s roughly 11 pm on a Saturday evening, and going to bed sounds very enticing.