Give me entertainment

So, I have to come clean about a serious issue in my life: I am completely fanatical about television shows.  Now it’s a bit of a strange thing, since I don’t watch television, to be obsessed with shows, but with the internet and Netflix and all that it’s simply easier to watch lots and lots of shows.  And the best part is that you don’t have to suffer through nearly half an hour of commercials for every hour-long episode block (in Math, this means you’re watching pretty much the same amount of commercial as you are actual show).

Can you tell I'm obsessed with Smash lately?
Can you tell I’m obsessed with Smash lately?

Lately (this past weekend) I stumbled across a show called Smash, an NBC concoction about the creation of a new Broadway musical.  I have to be honest and say it isn’t the best show ever created, but for the small part of me that loves musical theater and romantic fluff it’s like pure grain alcohol.  You really only need a sip of it to be satisfied, but the more you drink the more vivid everything around you becomes, and you can’t stop.  Then you go blind, or just make very poor decisions like drink more.  Or draw embarrassing fanart.  No one wins.

On the other hand, watching a show that’s currently airing on television does nurture a sense of camaraderie with my fellow tv-goers whom I’ve never met.  Makes me feel less bad for being so anti-social because somewhere out there I have people who understand me and potentially share my madness.