the dream continues

I’m sinking ever deeper into my television frenzy.  These recent weeks have been Homeland with the intermittent episode of House, because I like to keep things fresh.  I also apparently enjoy television shows featuring british actors portraying americans.  Something about the tenor of their voices, I suppose.  That plus the fact they’re amazingly talented.

I’ve also thrown The Hour into the rotation, perhaps a subconscious decision on my part to pay homage to the english actors I so enjoy on my american programs, though none of the folks featured in this show appear in either of the other shows (flawed logic, I know).  This show also indulges my obsession with all things mid-twentieth century, particularly the smart mode of dress and everyone’s blatant dismissal of smoking as anything but cool.¹ If that’s not enough, the story itself is full of spy plots and cold war intrigue.

Putting the sexy in reporting
Putting the sexy in reporting, three full-bodied hairstyles at a time.

¹ Hey, kids: Don’t smoke (to excess).