An obligatory 5 year retrospective of blogging

Actually, there’s nothing saying I have to write a blog concerning the fact I have been blogging for five years (however intermittent my posts), but somehow it seemed like an important benchmark of my internet life.  That’s half a decade of writing things of questionable literary quality and thrusting it into the quasi-public sphere of internet readership.  Sometimes I feel angry that I don’t have a million followers and haven’t figured out how to make my livelihood just on the basis that I have a blog with more than zero posts in the archives, but I quickly realize this anger is misguided and born of some delusion that because I am on the internet I should be famous.  That’d be like saying since I lived in L.A. I should be a celebrity.

The internet has this potent magic, a heady mix of entertainment and information; and, somehow, it can easily convince an individual of his massive importance to the world.  It’s even more intoxicating when you realize that it only takes one thing to distinguish yourself amongst your virtual peers.  Heck, sometimes it doesn’t even need to be original.  In fact, the internet is so full of simulacra that even if you thought you had an original idea, it already exists.

So, what to do? Well, in my case I jumped on pretty much every internet fad that has passed through the limelight. (And since internet time is exponentially faster, that count is reaching the septillions.) Consequently, I have been deeply disappointed since about age 12, but I did have a pretty fine mastery over the Geocities html editor interface.  Now, in the third decade of my life, I have come to an understanding that if I am not destined to be an internet elite, I will be its connoisseur.  Like a sommelier, my palette will discern the very best, leading me to the deep and complex underneath a sea of facsimile.  Then, rather than projecting my good taste onto the world via some social networking medium, I’ll keep it to myself, treasuring my snobbery in that tiny reptilian heart that beats so cold in the deepest reaches of the soul.

I want my apartment to perpetually smell of cinnamon raisin toast

So, these past few days have been one real whiz bang of a fall day after another–leaves falling, crunching under my feet, the drifting smell of woodsmoke, and the sky taking on the slightest appearance of winter.  I think it’s the clouds that give the greatest indication of the season.  Recently I’ve been waking to an overcast sky, an endless sea of waves all frozen in mid-undulation so that I feel I’m suspended upside down in midair.  Or maybe it’s more like being in a giant ice cavern, me just an old fossil buried miles and miles below Earth’s surface.  Then when the sky opens up to that crystal clear blue I rise up to the surface and take a huge breath.  I’m coming to think my nerves are best tempered to autumn; other seasons fatigue and exhaust me, but fall just soothes my whole being.  It’s probably a matter of humidity, or absence thereof, that keeps me from tiring as quickly.

This entry has been simmering for a week or so now, but instead of having some great tale to spin all I can say is we’ve had a warm spell so those beautifully cloudy days have retreated for the moment.  Actually, I did go to a lecture yesterday that was pretty interesting.  Naturally I can’t remember the speaker’s name, but he discussed the plight of the present day as the absolute necessity to know what is occurring at every second of the day, while it is occurring.  If it’s happening, everyone, myself included, must know about it, no question.  The problem here being that we no longer give consideration to ourselves, so wrapped up in technology and the like as we are.  So, in an effort to regain that focus on our inner thoughts and motivations, I am taking part in the Unplug initiative, which basically entails giving up some form of social networking/technology for at least a 24 hour period.  I went with Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube; kind of the Big Three, if you will.  In all honesty, the most difficult is probably Youtube, since there are just so many terrific videos available in an instant.

I also just realized the irony to this whole talk of mine is that I’ll be posting this and Twitter will automatically tweet about it.  There’s no escape.

Continuing adventures, new toilet included

As of this most current update, several new things have occurred. These include the addition of my flatmate to the apartment, the reconvening of class, and the very recent acquisition of one beta fish which we refer to as Rudy. Oh, plus getting a new toilet that is not made out of plastic. I would say we’re moving up in the world (though at the time of writing there seems to be a slight hiccup as the toilet won’t stop running).

So far classes have been on the whole interesting and enjoyable, but that of course is subject to change. It’s great to be back in a Japanese class, but it has involved some adjusting compared to my class while in Japan, namely we’re not divided by skill level. Of course I don’t mean to assume I’m some genius of the language, it was simply a different learning environment and my classmates were called upon more often to share their opinions.

The other noteworthy happening is that I also now have wireless internet, meaning I can effectively waste hours at a time doing things like looking up photos of cute animals and videos of babies falling. Honestly, I don’t know how I spent my time before having access to such luxury. I guess I played a lot of video games.

Anyway, it’s roughly 11 pm on a Saturday evening, and going to bed sounds very enticing.