I want my apartment to perpetually smell of cinnamon raisin toast

So, these past few days have been one real whiz bang of a fall day after another–leaves falling, crunching under my feet, the drifting smell of woodsmoke, and the sky taking on the slightest appearance of winter.  I think it’s the clouds that give the greatest indication of the season.  Recently I’ve been waking to an overcast sky, an endless sea of waves all frozen in mid-undulation so that I feel I’m suspended upside down in midair.  Or maybe it’s more like being in a giant ice cavern, me just an old fossil buried miles and miles below Earth’s surface.  Then when the sky opens up to that crystal clear blue I rise up to the surface and take a huge breath.  I’m coming to think my nerves are best tempered to autumn; other seasons fatigue and exhaust me, but fall just soothes my whole being.  It’s probably a matter of humidity, or absence thereof, that keeps me from tiring as quickly.

This entry has been simmering for a week or so now, but instead of having some great tale to spin all I can say is we’ve had a warm spell so those beautifully cloudy days have retreated for the moment.  Actually, I did go to a lecture yesterday that was pretty interesting.  Naturally I can’t remember the speaker’s name, but he discussed the plight of the present day as the absolute necessity to know what is occurring at every second of the day, while it is occurring.  If it’s happening, everyone, myself included, must know about it, no question.  The problem here being that we no longer give consideration to ourselves, so wrapped up in technology and the like as we are.  So, in an effort to regain that focus on our inner thoughts and motivations, I am taking part in the Unplug initiative, which basically entails giving up some form of social networking/technology for at least a 24 hour period.  I went with Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube; kind of the Big Three, if you will.  In all honesty, the most difficult is probably Youtube, since there are just so many terrific videos available in an instant.

I also just realized the irony to this whole talk of mine is that I’ll be posting this and Twitter will automatically tweet about it.  There’s no escape.

Living quarters

I have taken up new residence! It makes me feel like a rather capable person from the perspective of a young student who hasn’t really lived outside of home/dorm situation. So far I have amassed two minor personal injuries: the first, a slight mishap with the opening and closing foot mechanism on my trash can resulting in a nice head scrape; the second, a lack of the study of physics and the understanding of the line of an arc of steaming hot water being poured into a smallish mug resulting in having it go onto my hand instead. It’s all been great fun, really, and I am actually just more relieved that no one has been around to witness my moments of complete idiocy.

Anyhow, I figure I can manage just a few more days until my flatmate (roommate has too many connotations with the stuffy, smelly dormitory) shows up and the real celebration begins. We might give the place a proper settling in party which I also hope involves getting a cute little turtle with tricked out terrarium. When I was younger, we had a small wooden box with a hinged screen known as the “toad house” that stayed out on the porch and sometimes served the purpose for which it was named, but mostly I just stuck leaves in the box trying to make it look as luxurious and enticing to my many bufo bufo; alas, it was no terrarium.

Amphibian homes aside, there are still a few things to be done in this new abode, namely get furniture or a plant or something for that extra room whose function is undecided but has quite a few windows so maybe a conservatory. We could turn it into a bonafide jungle and let our turtle run loose within the 4×9 confines! Positively exotic! While I’m headed in this direction of thought, I also think we should throw in some animal skin rugs for effect, then host a dinner-murder party and imagine we’re all characters from Parker Brothers Clue. I pretty much had my eye out for Mrs. White, that crafty maid with her duster. Though come to think of it, a feather duster was missing from the weapons cache–a glaring oversight if you ask me. Colonel Mustard was in cahoots and fancied the rope, while Professor Plum was “reading his books” in the study to an eager Miss Scarlett. The only other board game with so much intrigue was probably Sorry!, but I never owned that game so that’s only speculation based on commercial advertisements.

I feel that I’ve strayed from some original point, but it probably wasn’t that interesting in the first place.

Progressed Summer Mind Dredging

The summer is reaching its climax, and with it the end of my living-at-home-with-parents time. Perhaps it’s a bit sad, but because I am a selfish youth I can only think of how great it will be living not only not with my parents but in a foreign country. I’m sure after several months, once I’m settled in I’ll think more about them. For the moment, however, the near future is endless possibility, a notion I find terrifically thrilling. All that remains is to actually prepare for traveling, something I never do more than 12 hours prior to departure; otherwise, the whole reality of what I’m doing hits me and I get all anxious and nervous and suchlike. Doing it all at once gets my momentum going for the long trip to my ultimate destination, while distracting me from thinking about a lot of unnecessary yet stressful details.

Anyhow, this’ll most likely be the last update on this page for a while, but mosey over to yet another of my blogs to continue hearing the absolutely enthralling tales of my adventures here, yonder, and elsewhere.

May Day

Happy May Day to one and all! I realize it’s technically no longer the premiere of the month, but even a belated celebration is better than nothing at all. I usually say this in nearly all of my ruminations, but here I go again: time is a tricky little thing that always gets by me. Seriously, it’s already the fifth month of 2010. That’s nearly halfway, and in only a few months I’ll be packing up and shipping out to the other side of the world. It blows my mind. What am I doing in the interim? Well, that remains to be seen, but I hope it involves profitable employment mingled together with some good ol’ fashioned fun with friends. My unproductiveness becomes painfully more obvious with each passing day, and it’s getting to be an annoyance more than anything else. Not to be overly dramatic, but my experience has led me to the conclusion idleness equals insanity. Even for the week I was home recently I couldn’t handle being in my house for more than a few hours before cabin fever set in.  I need constant stimulation, or near constant.  Maybe it’s my generation?

Beware the ides have marched

Reading a bit of Shakespeare at the moment for a class of mine.  Despite the queasiness that sometimes accompanies thoughts of my reading Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, and Macbeth in high school English class, these days I’ve a renewed appreciation for these Elizabethan prose.  Word play is delightful, especially when thrown together with a rather strict adherence to rhyme and meter.  Gotta hand it to Billy, he didn’t mess around, not a bit.

I’m really tempted and would like to use more Shakespearean expressions in my everyday conversation, not only because I’m a huge dork, but because I’m perpetually fascinated with language and its evolution from one form to another.  That language isn’t a static thing, despite its necessity in, well, most everyday-commonplace interactions, is cool and kinda strange.

So, yeah, I would that my queries be answered.  Perchance I’ll consult a man of sagacious mien.  Yeah.

Wherein I speak of the clipping rate at which the semester is passing

It’s Wednesday already.  And, even more strangely, it’s also February.  I feel as if I never quite got the reigns on January and it’s run off without me.  What really gets me is when I start thinking about it like, “January of 2010 is already over… We’re a twelfth of the way through the year.  Oh how time passes at such a clipping pace.”

Well, that’s the nature of time, I guess.  I’m also getting to the halfway point of my college career.  Four years isn’t such a long time, after all.  Elementary school definitely distinguishes itself in my memory as going on for ages and ages.  Our grading terms were broken down into 6-week stretches, with 6 of them in total.  For a kid that’s basically infinity.  Then I’m thinking about Russia, how I’ve probably been gone from there for nearly 6 weeks, and that’s already becoming a historical artifact in my mind.  It makes me sad to think of it, but what can I do?

Experience quite possibly is one of the weirdest aspects of this whole big whatever (we’ll call it existence for simplicity’s sake), and I don’t really know how to make sense of it.  But, here I am, listening to the cello over internet radio, thinking it’s quite a lovely thing to be able to do, and so I’ll just enjoy it.